The Night I Pee’d In My Shoe

A little bit of a background here. I was stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany from 2003-2005. My squadron (86 SVS, I believe it was at the time) deployed to Ali Al Salem, Kuwait. We were in mid deployment. At this time, Ali Al Salem had tent city, which as you can imagine lined up with tents.

It was around Christmas 2004 and I was getting sick. I had sore throat, cough and was running a fever. Well, I went to sick call. Not sure why.

I would have had better luck buying a bottle of Nyquil. At least then, I wouldn’t have had the most humiliating moment of that deployment (and that includes learning how to drive stick shift in a 20 passenger van watching the nationals laugh at you).

At the clinic, they gave me Ibuprofen (800MG of course) and something else that I didn’t bother to pay attention to when the doctor was telling me what it was.

I didn’t care. Perhaps I should have.

I get back to my tent, and my buddy Steven Narick was bunking beside me. I liked Narick. Narick and I got along real well. We had gotten really close on that deployment. He was always cracking me up even though he was missing the birth of his first born AND with it being the holidays. to this day, I still amazed at his strength…but I digress)

I get back to the tent and talk with Narick a little bit before I laid down. He asked me how I was feeling and I responed, “like piss”.

I didn’t know what it meant or why I said that.

But it was an omen. I took the pill the doctor gave me.

Narick and I talked for a few more minutes, imitating TSgt Lowder (he got on our nerves, but was a nice guy) and going over movie quotes.

As I laid down, I started to watch a movie on my portable DVD player. I slowly drifted off to sleep around 2000 hours (8pm). Around 3 am, I woke up with the urgent need to pee.

I still don’t remember 100 percent of what happened, but I remember being confused and not wanting to walk all the way to the latrines (probably a good 200 yards away). Now, most people in our tent would pee inside these large water bottles that we got from the dining facility. It’s what a normal person would do. Not me. Not this time. For some reason, I took my tennis shoe and walked outside the tent.

I go outside the tent and proceed to urinated in my shoe!

I remember thinking how odd it was that I just did that, but I just kind of shrugged it off and dumped the urine outside the tent, much to the dismay of my fellow residents. I then took my urine drenched shoe and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up like usual. I was a little drowsy and went to put on my shoes to walk to the latrines and my foot got soaked! I suddenly remembered what I did just a few hours prior and threw out my socks and shoes.

To this day, I still blame the medicine that the doctor gave me, but I still get a kick out of it. I threw away my shoes and bought some new ones at the BX.

(Jonesetti is the boss..a lot of great people in this picture)

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